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Welcome to Apollo Engineering

Apollo Engineering Company manufactures pipeline filters and strainers, coalescing filters, filter-separators, flow straightening vanes, vanes spools, adjustable pipe supports, quick opening closures and other products for pipeline, refinery, process plant and industrial applications.
Process FilterApollo Engineering Company has been fabricating high quality pressure vessels, pressure piping and related structural assemblies since 1986 at it's plant in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma.
All of our products are manufactured by a well seasoned staff of professionals and highly skilled craftsmen that deliver the best in quality and reliability with on time deliveries and superb technical support.
The products manufactured by Apollo are standard designs which can be easily used 'as is' for most applications.  However, if our customer have specific mechanical or process requirements that require special considerations, it is frenquently nessecary for us to modify our standard design to accomodate these requirements,

If required, it is no problem for us to custom design and build equipment to meet your exact specs.

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